205 South Engelwood Drive

Metamora, IL 61548


Executive Committee Meeting

April 12, 2017  -  8:00 a.m.



1.         Roll Call


2.         Consent Agenda Items

            A.  Approval of Minutes of March 9, 2017 Regular Meeting

            C.  Approval of Bills from April 12, 2017

            D.  Approval of TreasurerÕs Report from April 12, 2017

            E.  Approval of Financial Report from April 12, 2017

F.  Approve Destruction of Executive Session Audio Recordings Older than 18 Months (Board Policy   2:220)


3.         Visitors


4.         Action Items

B.    Approval of Contract for Painting for Germantown Hills Facility

C.    Approval of BretchÕs Database Solutions Contracts


5.         Discussion Items

A.  Pre-K and PI Grant Updates

B.  WCSEA Facility Update and ROE Safe School

C.  PRESS Board Policy Manual Revision – First Reading


6.         Information Items

A.    IDEA Needs Assessment and Professional Development Survey Results

B.    Infinitec Training

C.    Personnel Report

á       Acceptance of Resignation

D.    DirectorÕs Report

á       None


7.         Non-Agenda Items


8.         Adjourn